Death penalty

I am a deep defender of life and I have always had a deep contempt for the death penalty and those that support it, sentence to it and execute it. Nevertheless, there is always an exception for everything, at least almost always and for almost every rule. In this case it is a matter of a deep exception. I mean —I will not beat about the bush when speaking about this bugger— this news:

El Mundo
El Paí­s

I am trying to screen the swearwords, and I swear that it is hard to do. I will not say the outrageous man’s name, in case he were innocent: there are people who like capturing media more than breathing.

According to the Guardia Civil comments, a thirty-seven year-old young man, obviously stupid, considered that he deserved continuing to be a salaried employee, paid by the Canary Islands’ Government, for a longer period than that which the Governor deemed appropriate. He should have thought over remonstrate, commit suicide or puncture the Governor’s car’s tyres; but he preferred…

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